This script checks Twitter each minute for tweets containing the exact phrase 'roadtoimagine', 'imaginecommerce', 'magentoimagine' or 'preimagine' as well as 'AdobeSummit' and 'MKTGNation'. It also searches for Tweets using the word 'Magento' that are geotagged to Las Vegas. It then scans those tweets for images, and updates each page every minute with the latest stats.
New for this year - we'll be integrating with Instagram, so make sure to tag your Instagram photos with #MagentoImagine or #RoadToImagine!
To appear on the Road to Imagine map, make sure to tweet or post to Instagram with the hashtag #RoadToImagine and with geotagging turned on. Here's some helpful information on how to tag your tweets with your location. And here's how to add your location to your Instagram posts.